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What makes Varon NT-01 popular?

Founded in 2021, Varon combining value, affordability, respect, optimism and nature, advocates a healthy lifestyle by providing the products of oxygen concentrators. Varon is committing to improve the life quality of those people who need oxygen therapy or care by designing and offering more easy-to use and affordable oxygen generators.

Today we are going to make an introduction of Varon’s representative product- NT-01. Our Varon portable oxygen concentrator NT-01 is our first and classic portable type along with several distinctive advantages due to our professional designing and developing teams, which makes it become increasing popular.

Firstly, Varon NT-01 is super portable, weighting only 6.5 pounds, along with an additional practical backpack to be worn cross-body or over both shoulders to meet your outdoor needs. NT-01 is relatively compact and ideal for everyday use at home, in your car and outdoor. Also, this advanced oxygen concentrator adopts low-noise technology, so you can also use your O2 machine in a quiet place like a church without disturbing others. What’s more, NT-01 has a built-in battery installed by default, which makes you charge the oxygen concentrator more convenient.

Secondly, Varon NT-01 is affordable and functional. NT-01 offers the most cost effective prices and we hope that most people who need oxygen absorption will not be bother with the price. Its high cost -effectiveness is one of the spot. On top of that, it is full functional on AC and DC power, which brings more convenience to you.

Thirdly, Varon NT-01 is safe and easy-to use. Encased full plastic shell and equipped with an alarm light to warn you of the abnormal status, NT-01 is quite secure and reliable. Moreover, Varon NT-01 is easy to operate especially for the aged. With a large touch screen, and there is a button“Grade”on the large operation panel of the oxygen making machine, and this button could adjust the output of oxygen flow from 1L to 5liters per minute (LPM) based on your needs. Also, our smart Varon NT-01 has the function of accumulating time which can understand the total time of machine use in real time . Thus you will know how long you are with oxygen therapy.

With the development of aging, oxygen generator, as a tool of family health care and oxygen therapy, has become the "old companion" of senior citizen. In the future, oxygen maker will enter various families as consumer goods. Oxygen therapy has a good effect on alleviating and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases for the aged. The portable oxygen machine NT-01 offer an infinite supply of oxygen that is concentrated from the surrounding air, improving metabolism, preventing disease and prolonging life, which is a good way for them to keep healthy. Varon devotes to improving people’s life quality and style and cares about everyone’s physical condition. In a result, Varon strives to deliver the higher quality oxygen therapy products and enhance a better experience to our growing number of global users.


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