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Pet Care

  • Can you get a pet with COPD?
    June 27, 2024

    Enjoying Pet Companionship with COPD: Considerations for Managing Your Health and Animal Care

    Living with COPD doesn't mean giving up on pets! Explore the joys & challenges of pet ownership for those with COPD. Discover tips for minimizing pet dander, choosing hypoallergenic breeds, and creating a healthy environment. Learn how pets can reduce stress, increase activity & boost social interaction, all beneficial for COPD management. Find out if pet insurance is right for you & explore low-cost vet care options. VARON offers oxygen concentrators & CPAP machines to help you breathe easy & enjoy life with your furry friend.
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  • Every Breath Counts: Varon Concentrator Solutions
    February 22, 2024

    Every Breath Counts: Varon Concentrator Solutions

    Worried about your pet's breathing? Varon's non-prescription oxygen concentrator provide gentle, continuous oxygen at home. Ideal for newborn puppies, pregnant pets, & those with respiratory issues. Easy to use, quiet, & portable. Breathe easy, together.
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