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USA Free shipping (Machine Only)

VARON 3L/min Portable Oxygen Concentrator VL-1

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Type: US plug

Power supply: 110V~220V
Model number: VL-1
Scope of application: It is only used for health preservation and improving the
quality of life, not for medical treatment or life continuation.
Oxygen production method: pressure swing adsorption separation method (PSA
Work rate: 30W
Input voltage: DC12V~16. 8V
Four levels of timing: 40 mins, 60 mins, 80 mins, and 180 mins
Product size: 8.07*5.11*3.75 inch
Product net weight: 3.08 Ibs
Maximum oxygen production flow (equivalent): 3L/min
Oxygen concentration: 32.5%±2.5%
Standard battery pack capacity: 2500mAH/4.8V,the input voltage 16.8V
The longest use time: 2.5h

Package Includes

1*Main machine 
1*AC adaptor 
1*Use manual 
1*Disposable oxygen inhaler 
1*External battery 
1*Diagonal shoulder bag
1*Warranty card/certificate 
1*Car line


--Regularly maintain the appearance of the oxygen concentrator and carefully wipe around the vents. To remove dirt, rub the surface lightly.
--Clean the nasal cannula at least once a week. If it is used daily, it is best to change the nasal cannula every two months. If you don't use it frequently, replace it every three to six months.
--The filter of the oxygen generator can remove dust, dirt, and pollen from the air. Cleaning the filter once a month can extend the service life of the unit.

Click HERE to get VL-1 manual

Light Series

We at Varon know you are facing the trouble of oxygen concentrator, it is a great difficulty to bring the concentrator when travelling for a while. Now we are glad to introduce to you our new series oxygen concentrator: VARON LIGHT SERIES. The weight is as light as 4 pounds only, so it's easy for you to take it on your trip.

Lightweight and small size

Lightweight and small size

Weighing only 3.08 pounds, the compact body and the accompanying carrying case make it easy for you to go out without feeling the constraints of the machine, whether it is in parks, churches, RVs, or out for travel and hiking. It also includes a rechargeable battery.  It can always accompany you around, allowing you to get close to nature and enjoy fresh oxygen.

Adjustable Timing

Adjustable Timing

Provides an oxygen flow rate of 3L/Min, can provide an oxygen concentration of32.5%±2.5%, and provides different timing rates according to your needs from 40 to 180 minutes.Intelligent and simple machine operation allows the body to quickly obtain more suitable oxygen.

Physical oxygen production process

Physical oxygen production process

This product uses air as raw material, DC 12V power supply, or battery as the power source, uses a high-quality molecular sieve, a small oil-free air compressor, and the advanced pressure swing adsorption separation method (PSA method) to extract high-purity oxygen at room temperature. This method is a pure Physical method, stable, safe and reliable, and can complete the absorption of outdoor air