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Know About Oxygen Concentrators

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What is the Difference Between Pulse and Continuous Flow Concentrators

When selecting and purchasing an oxygen concentrator, you may find that there are two operating modes of the oxygen concentrator. One is continuous oxygen supply mode, and the other is pulse oxygen supply mode. This may confuse people who need to buy an oxygen concentrator, as to which oxygen concentrator is more suitable for them.

How do oxygen concentrators work?

Oxygen concentrator is a device that provides supplemental or extra oxygen to people who need extra oxygen supply. Normal blood oxygen level is from 95-100. If your blood oxygen level is below than 93 will be very dangerous which means you have to get extra oxygen supply to keep your blood oxygen level in safe range. 

Effective Adjuvant Treatment of Covid-19——Oxygen Concentrator

Infection with Covid-19 will cause the alveoli that should be filled with air to be filled with a large amount of inflammation, and these alveoli will lose their ability to work, resulting in insufficient oxygen to enter the blood, resulting in hypoxemia (reduced blood oxygen content). 

Oxygen Therapy for COPD

Oxygen therapy can reduce breathing difficulties. Oxygen therapy can improve your quality of life and relax your mood. If you feel that your breathing has improved, you can tell your doctor. You may be able to reduce the time you spend on treatment.