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1.Cancel the order:

If you want to cancel the order due to personal reasons (not like or not wanting) after placing the order, please contact customer service as soon as possible to verify the status of the product

  • The product has not been shipped:

After receiving your order cancellation request, we will generally process a full refund within 24 hours on a working day (48 hours on non-working days);

  • Product in transit

After the customer service receives your order cancellation request, it will confirm with the logistics department whether the order can be intercepted. It can be intercepted and successfully returned to the warehouse within 24 hours of the working day (not within 48 hours of the working day) for a full refund, such as No interception or interception failure, you can apply for return after receiving the goods (you need to contact customer service), and the costs incurred will be borne by you

  • Return and exchange conditions

We only accept returns and exchanges within 30 days after receiving the product and meeting one of the following conditions

  • Situation 1------Unopened: The product, parts ,and accessories must be in the original packaging, and no items are missing.
  • Situation 2------Opened :Received defective goods or received wrong products (1) Please contact customer service within the specified time(2) Send a video proving that the goods are defective (this is required)

Note: In the case of return and exchange that satisfies situation 2, if you need to exchange the goods, the exchange cost will be borne by us. If you want to return the goods, the return cost will be borne by you. The cost of return and exchange under other conditions will be borne by you personally

3.Return and exchange fee standard

The cost of return and exchange is composed of freight + service fee

Freight: The freight caused by the return will be assumed by the customer

Service fee: We charge you a service fee based on 10% of your payment amount. The cost is mainly caused by product value impairment and purchase fees

4.The processing time limit for returns and exchanges

(1) The processing time limit for return and exchange requests:

After confirming that the above return and exchange conditions are met, please contact customer service by email, and the customer service will respond to your return request within 24 hours on working days (48 hours on non-working days)

(2) Refund time limit after product return:

Meet the return conditions and successfully return the product after confirming with the customer service,The product is returned to the warehouse and your refund will be processed within 24 hours (48 hours on non-working days) after receipt. After the refund is processed, the PayPal refund time will vary depending on the PayPal system, and it will take about 1-2 working days to arrive. If the refund time exceeds this time limit, please contact PayPal or customer service for processing

Refunds after returns are not supported in the following cases:

  • The actual product does not meet the return conditions
  • Choose the method of cash on delivery
  • Send the product to the wrong address (you must contact customer service to obtain the return address)

(3)Timelines of product exchange:

  • Confirm the exchange requirement with customer
  • Process the exchange
  • Resend the package when we receive the return package

The following situations will cause the failure of replacement:

  • The actual product does not meet the conditions for return and exchange
  • Send the product to the wrong address (all replacement addresses must be obtained by contacting customer service)
  • Choose the method of cash on delivery


5.Other special circumstances:

What happens when the packaging is damaged due to transportation?

Answer: When you find that the package is damaged after you sign for the receipt, please open the package and check the appearance of the product after taking a picture for any bumps. If you find any bumps, please contact us in time within 48 hours after signing for the receipt, and send the outer packaging drawing + machine bumping location map

If the above situation happens ,unfortunately, we are very sorry for the bad shopping experience. Please contact us by email in time.


6.Contact information

Email: support@varoninc.com

Whatsapp/voicemail:+1 213-370-6080