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Health Aging Month

Healthy aging was proposed by the World Health Organization at the Copenhagen Conference in September 1990. It aims to guide the elderly to pay attention to healthy lifestyles and create a positive and healthy environment that is conducive to people’s lives. The World Health Organization defines healthy aging as "the process of developing and maintaining the functional capabilities of the elderly to be healthy". After this meeting, September became a healthy aging month.

Healthy aging has always been an international hot topic. It is now September, which is the commemoration month for healthy aging. People are beginning to share the tips of healthy aging. From healthy diet to physical fitness to mental health, various ways to maintain healthy aging emerge in endlessly.

Healthy diet is the first thing to pay attention to in daily life. Diet and nutrition are closely related to the physical function, quality of life and medical economic burden of the elderly, and it is also the basis for achieving healthy aging. Catherine Talmaki, a registered dietitian in Washington, DC, said: “Eating more fruits and vegetables every day is the easiest way to keep healthy. It can improve health and improve the quality of life of the elderly.” Research also shows that people who insist on eating fruits and vegetables every day have lower blood pressure, lower risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, lower incidence of cancer, and a stronger immune response. People who eat fruits and vegetables often tend to be thinner and have a lower incidence of diabetes and obesity.

In addition, maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude in life is also very important. As people get older, the state of mind may gradually change. When symptoms such as fatigue, depression and feeling bored in life occur, you should learn to guide yourself and look for meaningful things to do. Research shows that maintaining a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards life can lead to a longer life span. Going for a walk with friends every day, smiling more, and looking for your own goals in life are all ways to keep you healthy and have a better sense of happiness. The World Mental Health Alliance puts forward that "without health, there can be no development, and without mental health, there can be no real health." Therefore, promoting the mental health of the elderly is one of the indispensable conditions for ensuring healthy aging.

With the increase of age and the decline of various functions of the body, the probability of illness increases. Physical fitness has become one of the key concerns of the elderly population. Many elderly people attach great importance to physical exercise, so how to exercise scientifically and healthily? What needs to be pointed out here is that everyone's physical condition is different, and you need to adjust the amount of exercise that suits you according to your own situation. Regular physical activity can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of disease. If you have been inactive, you can start slowly and gradually plan your exercise goals.

Exercise can bring many benefits to the body. Some elderly people with diseases may need to take medication regularly. Exercise can increase muscle mass and allow the body to metabolize drugs like young people, which can more effectively remove drug residues and their effects in the body. In addition, the elderly need to do some stretching exercises every day. Long-term inactivity can cause muscle atrophy and stiffness. Stretching exercises can improve the flexibility of the body.

The elderly are susceptible to diseases. Common diseases include hypertension, chronic bronchitis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and so on. For these diseases, exercise can play a good preventive role. Aerobic exercise is recommended, because aerobic exercise can effectively improve the heart and lung functions, so that the cardiovascular and exhalation systems can more effectively and quickly transmit oxygen to every part of the body. For people with hypoxia, oxygen concentrators can be used to assist exercise. Low-flow oxygen therapy and oxygen health care can be performed without anyone's help. The effect of oxygen inhalation is remarkable and fast. The most important thing is that it is only good for the body. The combination of aerobic exercise and oxygen inhaler oxygen therapy can help users improve their physical health, increase exercise tolerance and mental state will also be well improved.

If you have never known about this and have not done it before, then take action this September. It is never too late to pay attention to your health from now on.

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