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Breathe Easy on the Go: Introducing the Varon Travel Oxygen Concentrator VT-1

Hitting the road with respiratory needs can feel like a logistical maze. Bulky tanks, limited accessibility, and unreliable power sources often dampen the excitement of travel. But what if there was a solution that offered portability, advanced features, and hassle-free operation? Enter the Varon Travel Oxygen Concentrator VT-1, your passport to a smoother, more liberating travel experience.

Ditch the Tanks, Embrace Freedom: Compact Design & Easy Portability

Say goodbye to the days of lugging around cumbersome oxygen tanks. The VT-1 boasts a sleek, compact design measuring just 24*17*16cm, fitting effortlessly into any car, from sedans to SUVs. Its lightweight build of 2.3kg and the convenient handle make it a breeze to carry between your car and home, ideal for both travel adventures and daily use.

Convenient in-car use is the VT-1's top priority. The included car power cable makes plugging it into your vehicle's 12V port a cinch, ensuring continuous oxygen support throughout your journey. Anti-slip pads and a low center of gravity guarantee stability on bumpy roads, while the trendy silver coating and car-like exterior blend seamlessly with your car's interior.

Personalized Oxygen Supply: Dual Modes for Every Need

The VT-1 caters to diverse oxygen needs with its two intuitive modes:


  • Continuous Mode:Delivers a constant flow of oxygen with adjustable settings from 1 to 5 L/min, offering a maximum concentration of 90±5%. This mode is ideal for those seeking consistent oxygen support, especially when powered by AC/DC sources in your car or home.
  • Pulse Mode:Provides oxygen based on your breath, maintaining a steady 90±5% concentration. With six flow rate levels, it automatically switches to auto-oxygen supply every 3 seconds if no inhalation is detected (levels 1-5) or delivers oxygen more frequently (every 1.5 seconds) at level 6. This mode is perfect for maximizing battery life while ensuring you receive the oxygen you need.

You can effortlessly switch between modes based on your preference and situation. Experiment and find what works best for you!

User-Friendly Design & Smart Features: Comfort & Control at Your Fingertips

The VT-1 prioritizes a seamless user experience with its intuitive interface. Large touch buttons and a 15° tilted screen angle enhance the visibility even in-car settings. Personalize your therapy with the auto-shutdown timer, offering nine options from 0 to 240 minutes.

Quiet operation with noise levels below 58 dB won't disturb you or fellow passengers, ensuring a peaceful journey. Furthermore, the VT-1 incorporates a multi-layer filtration system, combating poor road air quality and delivering clean, fresh oxygen with every breath. Remember to regularly replace the filter pads to maintain optimal performance and respiratory health.

Breathe Easy, Travel Farther: Pre-Order Your VT-1 Today!

Ready to embark on your next adventure with complete respiratory freedom? Pre-order your Varon Travel Oxygen Concentrator VT-1 today and enjoy the early bird offer: $100 off & a hassle-free oxygen pack (20 nasal cannulas + home power cord)!

With its compact design, user-friendly features, and dual oxygen modes, the VT-1 redefines portable oxygen therapy. Travel lighter, breathe easier, and discover the world with newfound confidence.

Visit the Varon website today to learn more and place your pre-order!


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