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Beards and Health

Beards are without any doubt a good decoration for your appearance, and they have always been popular during winter days or cold areas as it is a great natural barrier that can keep you warm. But have you ever thought about, even for one second, that it can bring other health benefits? Recently there have been voices online claiming that beards benefit your health, while others say the contrary is true. So which side should we take a stand with? Today we are looking into whether keeping beards is healthy or not. Read on if you are interested.


Argument 1: "Beards can keep you warm on cold days."

It is obvious that beards can keep the warmth of your skin as it covers a large area of your face, especially when it is thick. But this will not do much favor to keeping the warmth of your entire body. Then how is it compared to a scarf, which also covers your lower face? The truth is, wearing a scarf is much more beneficial as it covers your nose and mouth and protects your airway from the cold air. Beards can’t do that no matter how bushy it is.


Argument 2: "Beards can prevent throat disease."

Some hairs are significant to our health, for example, hairs in the nose are a natural barrier that guards the airway and lungs against the intrusion of small particles, bacteria, and hazardous chemicals in the air. So should we conclude that beards can also work as filters and reinforce this protection? Great idea but the truth may be disappointing. Beadrs have a crucial deficiency--not capable of self-cleaning. They might be able to catch some contaminants and allergens in the air, but whatever has been caught stays on it and accumulate over time unless you clean it. This prolongs the time and chance of bacteria and viruses transmitting from the beard to our body, increasing the risk of infection and irritation. While our nasal cavity can produce secretion to wrap up the harmful substances collected by the hairs to prevent transmission. Therefore, if you are counting on your beard to do any help or just want to stay healthy, remember to clean your beard regularly.


Argument 3: "Beard can help with asthma."

For basically the same reason, some claim that beards are effective in preventing asthma attacks. Asthma is usually triggered by small particles in the air like pollen, dander, smoke, or dust. And beard can filter them out so that your respiratory system is less likely to be irritated. This point is a little more reasonable than the last one. Because these triggers are unlike bacteria or viruses, they don’t tend to move or transmit once trapped in your beard. However, to what extent it works highly depends on the style and amount of your beard. You definitely need a style that provides a whole coverage around your nose. And the thicker, bushier, the better.


Argument 4: "Beards will worsen allergies."

This will be the case if you don’t clean your beard regularly, just as we have discussed. Airborne allergens and pollutants can be caught by thick and bushy beards around the nose. If they are not removed from your beard in time, eventually they will end up in your airway and cause some problems. Nobody wants that to happen.


Hygiene of beards

After reviewing these different voices around keeping beards, we can realize that all of them ultimately lead you back to the hygiene problem. The key to whether beards are beneficial or harmful to our health is cleaning. Without proper cleaning, your beards are nothing but a wonderful harbor for bacteria, germs, contaminants, and allergens. If you can practice good hygiene with your beard, you can receive extra protection for your respiratory system. Here are some tips for keeping your beard clean:


Wash daily with a mild beard shampoo.

Condition to keep the beard soft and healthy.

Brush or comb to distribute oils and remove tangles.

Trim regularly to keep the beard neat.

Use a beard oil or balm to moisturize the skin underneath.

Avoid using heat-styling tools too frequently.

Clean thoroughly after eating and avoid excessive touching of the beard.

Visit a barber or grooming professional for regular beard maintenance.


Other benefits of beards

Beards can offer some other potential health benefits, including:


Protection from the sun's UV rays

Insulation and warmth in cold weather

Reduced skin irritation and chafing

Improved skin hydration due to trapping moisture

Protection from wind exposure, which can dry out skin and lips


Having a beard can be cool, just don't expect too much of its health benefits. And make sure you are ready to spend extra time and effort on the hygiene of your beard.

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