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  • Why Do Your Cats Look Sleepy?--Know About Lethargy in Cats
    febrero 24, 2023

    Why Do Your Cats Look Sleepy?--Know About Lethargy in Cats

    Have you ever seen your cats being lethargic? And have you taken any actions on seeing it? Many people don’t think lethargy is a big deal, maybe their pets just didn’t get enough sleep. That may be the case. But lethargy is also an indicator of many health problems, especially if the lethargy of your cats lasts for days. So how can you tell your cat is being lethargic rather than lazy? and what should you do to keep them healthy? This article will address these questions.
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  • Seasonal Allergies in Dogs
    febrero 20, 2023

    Seasonal Allergies in Dogs

    Allergies are not exclusive to humans. Dogs can develop seasonal allergies just like we do. The most common symptoms can include itching, scratching, chewing, licking, and red, irritated skin. Seasonal allergies in dogs are usually caused by environmental allergens brought by season changes. Being seasonal means the allergen can happen several times throughout the year. If you suspect your dog has seasonal allergies, it is best to take them to a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. And here are something you should know to help you deal with seasonal allergies in dogs.
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