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Supplemental Oxygen and Cycling

  • November 21, 2022

    How to Pace Long-Distance Cycling

    Long-distance cycling of 200km and above is a challenge to the endurance of riders. Such an extreme test requires some different techniques from your normal training. Learning to pace yourself properly is the key to completing your first attempt. Here are some tips that can help you with that.
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  • November 14, 2022

    How to Breathe Properly on the Bike

    Do you often experience shortness of breath, increased heart rate, or extreme body stress on your ride? If so, you might need to correct your breathing habit. In cycling and many other exercises, the main provider of the energy you need is the oxidative phosphorylation system, in which sufficient oxygen is needed to energize your muscles. To avoid shallow breaths and maximize your oxygen uptake, you need to learn about belly breath (abdominal respiration)--the key to deep breaths.
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  • November 7, 2022

    How FTP Helps Improve Your Performance in Cycling

    Thinking about improving your cycling performance but don’t know what to do? The key to raising your power output throughout riding is to control it. learning about FTP (functional threshold power) helps better your performance and training.
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