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5000ML Lung Breathing Trainer

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Our 5000 ml breathing trainer is specially designed for adults and the elderly. The transparent device allows for visible lung capacity growth. It offers optimal breath rate and volume guidance, helping you achieve steady and controlled breathing gradually. Witness the growth of your lung capacity, improve your breath control, and enjoy the benefits of enhanced respiratory health. The hose and mouthpiece are removable and washable to ensure cleaning for each use. It helps to improve respiratory function, enhance lung capacity, and promote respiratory health. It provides ample room for deep exhalations with a 5000ml capacity. Please adjust the practice time based on medical advice and personal status to make the best of it.

Durable & Comfortable Material

Crafted with a PP mouthpiece and a bend-resistant hose, our breathing trainer ensures long-lasting performance. The thickened integrated molding device guarantees a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on your breathing exercises without distractions.

Optimal Breathe Rate Guidance

The trainer includes guidance on breath rate for you to maintain an optimal breathing pace and respiratory efficiency. The higher position means breathing too fast, the lower position means breathing too slowly, and the middle position means steady and controlled breath.

Visual Growth in Lung Capacity

With its easy-to-read capacity marking, you can witness the growth of your lung capacity as you practice. The lung trainer provides tangible evidence of your respiratory improvements. Watch as your lungs become more powerful with consistent use.

Easy-cleaning Mouthpiece & Hose

Our breathing trainer is designed with hassle-free maintenance in mind. The flexible hose and mouthpiece are easily removable, allowing for effortless cleaning after each use. Maintain a fresh practice environment for your respiratory well-being. 

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