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7 Must-Have Home & Travel Oxygen Concentrator Accessories

7 Must-Have Home & Travel Oxygen Concentrator Accessories

Portable travel oxygen concentrators have revolutionized oxygen therapy, offering individuals with respiratory conditions the freedom and flexibility to maintain a healthy oxygen level both at home and during travel. VARON, as a leading portable oxygen supplier for home use, we understand the importance of maximizing your experience with these devices. While these innovative devices are essential for managing oxygen needs, their functionality can be significantly enhanced with the right accessories. Here, we explore the top 7 must-have accessories to optimize your oxygen therapy:

Must-have Accessories for Home and Travel Oxygen Concentrator

1. Extra Batteries: Travel oxygen concentrators offer the freedom to move around, but a depleted battery can disrupt your routine. Having an extra battery ensures an uninterrupted oxygen supply, especially during extended travel, outings, or unexpected power outages. Consider factors like battery life, charging time, and compatibility with your specific concentrator model when choosing an extra battery.

Extra battery for VP-2

2. AC/DC Adapter: A universal AC/DC adapter allows you to use your concentrator in various locations, whether at home or on the go. This versatility ensures you can access oxygen therapy wherever needed, eliminating the need for location-specific power sources. Look for adapters with features like overload protection and voltage regulation for safe and reliable operation.

150W Car Power Inverter DC/AC Car Adapter

3. Nasal Cannulas and Replacements: Nasal cannulas are soft, flexible tubes that deliver oxygen directly to your nose. Regularly replacing them (every 2-3 weeks) is crucial for maintaining hygiene and ensuring optimal oxygen flow. Having spare cannulas readily available is essential, especially when traveling, to avoid disruptions in your therapy. Opt for cannulas made from comfortable materials like medical-grade silicone for enhanced comfort during extended use.


VH-3 Nasal Oxygen Cannula | 2 packs

4. Pulse Oximeter: A pulse oximeter is a small, non-invasive device that clips onto your fingertip to measure your blood oxygen saturation level. This vital tool provides peace of mind and allows you to monitor your oxygen levels, potentially allowing adjustments to your oxygen settings as needed, in consultation with your healthcare provider. Choose a pulse oximeter with features like easy-to-read displays, alarm functions for low oxygen levels, and the ability to store data for tracking purposes.


VARON Pulse Oximeter

5. Carrying Bag: A well-designed carrying bag protects your concentrator during travel and facilitates convenient transportation. Look for a bag specifically designed for your concentrator model, considering factors like size, weight capacity, padding, and compartments for additional accessories. Features like adjustable straps, rolling wheels, and comfortable handles can further enhance your carrying experience.

VARON carrying bags

6. Replacement Filters: Regularly replacing your concentrator's filters ensures efficient oxygen production and optimal performance. Consult your user manual for recommended filter replacement schedules and choose genuine replacement filters from your portable oxygen concentrator supplier for home use and travel or a trusted medical supply provider.

Portable oxygen concentrator VP-2 Filter

7. Water Tank (if applicable): Some concentrators utilize refillable water tanks to humidify the oxygen, making it more comfortable to breathe. Having a spare or replacement water tank ensures uninterrupted oxygen therapy and avoids the need for immediate refills when traveling.

Water tank VH-1

Beyond the Essentials

VARON, as a leading portable oxygen concentrator supplier for home use and travelrecognizes the importance of comfort and convenience in oxygen therapy, offering additional accessories to enhance your experience:

  • Mask Inhaler Set: Provides an alternative method for oxygen delivery, particularly for those who find nasal cannulas uncomfortable.
  • Remote Control: Offers convenient control of your concentrator's settings, allowing adjustments without needing to physically access the device.

Mask Inhaler Set

Investing in the right accessories not only ensures you get the most out of your home and travel oxygen concentrator but also promotes independence, confidence, and a healthy lifestyle. Remember, this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your oxygen therapy regimen.

Additional Tips for Optimal Use

  • Regularly clean and disinfect your nasal cannulas and other accessories as per manufacturer instructions.
  • Store your concentrator and accessories in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  • Familiarize yourself with your specific oxygen concentrator model and its functionalities, including troubleshooting common issues.
  • Travel with a doctor's note explaining your medical condition and the need for oxygen therapy, particularly for international travel.

By following these tips and utilizing the appropriate accessories, you can ensure a smooth and comfortable oxygen therapy experience, whether at home or on the go.



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