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Free shipping over 69$ in USA

VARON 3L/min Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-05

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    Lightweight and small size

    Weighing only 1.5kg, the compact design makes it easy to carry with the handle or the included carrying case, allowing you to go out without the constraints of the machine. It comes with an AC adaptor, a car power cord, and an external rechargeable battery that can sustain for up to 2hours. With various power supply systems, VL02 can accompany you in various scenarios, allowing you to make the most of your life.                        light weightfor various purposes               

    Stable oxygen supply

    This product adopts safe and reliable PSA oxygen production technology, using air as raw material, and electricity as the only power. The double-barrel sieve tower and the high-performance compressor ensure a continuous and stable supply of oxygen with a flow rate of 3L/Min and a concentration of 30%±2.5%.
    double barrel sieve towerhigh performance compressorstable oxygen supply

    Adjustable timing

    VL02 is equipped with a timing function, offering different timing levels according to your needs from 20 to 120 minutes.                
    adjustable timing                             

    Multilayer filtration system

    Eight individual filters provide you with clean oxygen and prevent you from breathing any contaminants in the air, ensuring your health          multilayer filtration                                              

    Low noise design

    The measured maximum noise during operation is less than 52 dB. You don't need to worry about being bothered.                                                    low noiseMaintenance
    --Regularly maintain the appearance of the oxygen concentrator and carefully wipe around the vents. To remove dirt, rub the surface lightly.
    --Clean the nasal cannula at least once a week. If it is used daily, it is best to change the nasal cannula every two months. If you don't use it frequently, replace it every three to six months.
    --The filter of the oxygen generator can remove dust, dirt, and pollen from the air. Cleaning the filter once a month can extend the service life of the unit.

  • Specification:

    • Oxygen Flow: 3 L/min continuous flow
    • Oxygen Concentration: 30%±2.5%
    • Noise: below 52 dB
    • Item net weight: 3.3 lb
    • Power: 25W
    • Input voltage: AC100V-240V / DC12V-16.8V
    • Product Size: 9.25*3.94* 5.55 (L*W*H) Inches
    • Standard battery pack capacity: 2500mah 14.8V  maximum voltage 16.8V
    • Maximum battery life: 2 h
    • Battery charging time: >4h
    Click here to get the manual for VL02
  • Package Includes:

    1*Main machine 
    1*AC adaptor 
    1*Use manual 
    1*Disposable oxygen inhaler 
    1*External battery 
    1*Crossbody shoulder bag
    1*Warranty card/Qualification certificate 
    1*Car line