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Effective Adjuvant Treatment of Covid-19——Oxygen Concentrator

Covid-19 is an acute respiratory infection. Patients often develop fever and symptoms of lower respiratory tract infection, and then gradually infect the lungs, causing pneumonia. Severe patients may even have related complications such as respiratory failure, which may endanger the life of the patient. At present, there are no drugs or medical methods that can cure it clinically, but oxygen concentrator can assist treatment and play an important role in the treatment of Covid-19. So what role does the oxygen concentrator play in the treatment of Covid-19?

Infection with Covid-19 will cause the alveoli that should be filled with air to be filled with a large amount of inflammation, and these alveoli will lose their ability to work, resulting in insufficient oxygen to enter the blood, resulting in hypoxemia (reduced blood oxygen content). At this time, it is necessary to increase the oxygen supply through various methods (such as oxygen inhalation or ventilator), so that the working alveoli can absorb more oxygen to ensure the oxygen supply to the tissues and organs of the whole body.

Blood oxygen saturation can reflect the health of the human respiratory system and cardiovascular system. According to the change of oxygen saturation, effective oxygen therapy measures should be given in time. Oxygen therapy has a positive therapeutic effect on patients with hypoxic respiratory failure.

At the moment of the epidemic, oxygen concentrators have become a household necessity. How to use the oxygen concentrator correctly has also become the focus of everyone's attention. There are two types of oxygen concentrators: health care type and medical type. For the treatment of Covid-19, we only need to focus on the medical oxygen concentrator at home.

Household medical oxygen concentrators are available in different specifications of 5L, 8L and 10L, and the oxygen concentration can reach about 93%. It filters the surrounding air, compresses it to the required density, and provides a continuous stream of purified medical-grade oxygen. When a person inhales this concentration of oxygen, the oxygen concentration in the alveoli can reach 33-41%. For patients with COVID-19, adequate oxygen can improve the body's comprehensive immunity, clean the respiratory system, and improve internal organ function.

For patients with mild symptoms, the use of oxygen concentrators for respiratory therapy will obviously help stabilize their health without the need for hospitalization. However, it should be noted that the oxygen concentrator can only be used when the patient's oxygen level drops and the oxygen demand is between 5 -10 liters per minute. When the symptoms are severe, you need to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Both hyperoxia and hypoxia may cause adverse effects on the body. In hypoxemia, respiratory therapy can be used to raise blood pressure levels, allowing oxygen molecules to quickly enter human tissues. When your oxygen concentration exceeds your needs, long-term inhalation of pure oxygen will cause oxygen poisoning. Normally, the blood oxygen level of a normal person is above 95. When the blood oxygen is lower than 95, oxygen therapy is needed. Therefore, it is very important to choose an appropriate oxygen flow oxygen concentrator.

In addition to the low blood oxygen in the body caused by Covid-19 that requires oxygen therapy for intervention treatment, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, high blood pressure, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, or pulmonary heart disease can both use it. Long-term inhalation Oxygen will have a very good therapeutic effect. For ordinary people, oxygen concentrators can also be used for oxygen therapy when various environmental and physiological factors cause hypoxia.


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