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Concentrador de oxígeno de viaje VARON VT-1

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VT-1 5L Portable In-Car Supplemental Oxygen System


VT-1 is VARON's latest In-Car Supplemental Oxygen system, designed to enhance your travel experience with its portability, advanced dual oxygen supply modes, and hassle-free operation. 

Versatile Use for Different Scenarios

Continuous / Pulse Oxygen Supply

Optimized Design for In-car Use

Easy and Intelligent Operation

Ideal for Long & High-altitude Travel

Best Versatility for Convenient Supplemental Oxygen in Different Scenarios

Say goodbye to bulky oxygen tanks and inverter issues

 Just plug in the included car power cable for continuous oxygen support during your journeys.


Get convenient oxygen therapy at home with the AC power adapter (sold separately).


The external battery pack keeps your oxygen supply without the constraint of cables. Enjoy a wonderful outdoor time with VT-1 (Battery sold separately)

Optimized Design for In-car Use

Convenient in-car use is the priority of VT-1's design. Measuring 24*17*16cm, its compact body can easily fit in vehicles of any size. The 2.3kg weight and the soft handle on top allow for easy carrying and transportation between your house and car, making it perfect for travel and daily use. Moreover, Its trendy silver coating and car-like exterior seamlessly integrate into your car, adding a touch of elegance while ensuring you receive the necessary oxygen assistance.

Ultra Compatibility

With the included car power cord, the VT-1 oxygen concentrator effortlessly adapts to the diverse array of vehicles with 12V ignition ports. Whether you're cruising in a sleek sedan, navigating rugged terrains in an SUV, or commanding the road in a sturdy truck, the VT-1 can seamlessly integrate into your driving experience, ensuring a reliable and hassle-free oxygen solution for every journey.

Hassle-free and Car-friendly

Unlike those outdated models that necessitate the use of an inverter for in-car usage, the VT-1 not only eliminates all the associated hassles but also ensures no adverse effects on your car's electricity system. Say goodbye to the complexities of the past, as the VT-1 stands as a testament to modern innovation, providing a hassle-free and car-friendly oxygen concentrator experience like never before.


Don't let high elevations hinder your journey

Choose VT-1 for a breath of fresh air wherever your adventures take you. It can support you in high-altitude areas up to 9000ft. Whether you're a frequent traveler to lofty terrains or a driver navigating through varying altitudes, the VT-1 is your reliable companion for supplemental oxygen needs.

Two Oxygen Supply Modes: Catering to Different Oxygen Needs.

Enjoy a consistently high concentration oxygen supply with VT-1. To cater to diverse needs, VT-1 offers two oxygen supply modes: Pulse & Continuous. Use the continuous mode for the best breathing experience and use pulse mode for a longer use time when using on battery.

Continuous Mode

Continuous Mode supplies a constant stream of oxygen. In this mode, you can adjust the flow from 1 to 5L/min with a maximum concentration of 90±5%. A higher flow setting will result in a slightly lower concentration.


Pulse Mode

Pulse Mode supplies oxygen on detection of the user's breath and maintains a steady concentration of 90±5%. You can set the flow rate from levels 1-6. On levels 1-5, if no inhalation is detected for 6 seconds, it will automatically switch to auto oxygen supply every 3 seconds. And on level 6, it will automatically deliver oxygen at a higher frequency of about every 1.5 seconds. 

VT-1 oxygen concentrator features a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate for all ages.

Easy Operation

The large touch buttons and a 15° tilted screen angle aim for better visibility when you use it in your car.

Enhanced Visability

You can personalize your oxygen therapy duration with the auto-shutdown timer, which offers nine options from 0 to 240 minutes.

Timer Function

Effortless Operation and Enhanced Comfort for On-the-Go Wellness


Low Noise Level

The machine also operates quietly with low noise levels, reaching a maximum of 58 dB, which will not disturb or distract you during driving or taking a rest in the car.

Multi-layer Filtration

To address the poor road air quality problem faced by many drivers, VT-1 incorporates a multi-layer filtration system, ensuring every breath of oxygen you take is fresh and clean.

Replaceable Parts

The replaceable filter pad design allows you to replace it regularly and maintain the quality of your oxygen supply for long term use, safeguarding your respiratory health.

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