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Varon 1-7L/Min Oxygen Concentrator NT-04

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Varon 1-7L/Min Oxygen Concentrator NT-04

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    NT-04 is a home healthcare Oxygen Concentrator that can take good care of your and your family's health.  The lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry around. It can also operate in the car with the car adaptor included, meeting your oxygen need anytime and anywhere. 

     smarter and lighter

    High-quality compressor and low noise

    This product uses a pure copper oil-free compressor with small energy consumption, strong power,  fast heat dissipation, and extremely low noise. The measured noise is as low as 42 dB. It can operate continuously for 72 hours                                                             High performance compressorLow noise

    Pure and clean oxygen

    10 layers of filters prevent you from breathing any contaminants in the air, ensuring your healthfiltration system

    High oxygen concentration and adjustable flow

    High-efficiency lithium sieve provides strong adsorption, high oxygen yield, and strong stability. NT-04 provides oxygen of up to 95% concentration. The oxygen flow is adjustable from 1-7L/min, meeting your different needs.                                                               1-7l oxgen flow

    Intelligent Control

    -Large panel, easy to operate.

    -SOS function

    -Timer operation function

    -Infrared remote control                                             remote control

    2in1 Oxygen inhalation atomization

    The product is equipped with an atomization function. Oxygen generation and atomization can be carried out at the same time                                                         2 in 1 oxygen and atomization

    Automatically humidify oxygen

    NT-04 oxygen concentrator can automatically humidify oxygen without having to add water repeatedly, freeing you from any extra trouble.         automatically humidify oxygen

  • Specification:

    This is our latest home oxygen concentrator with outstanding performance and a compact body. It is suitable for home and vehicle scenarios so that you can breathe in high-quality air at home and outdoors.

      • Size: 204x214x280mm
      • Weight: 4.8kg
      • Power supply: AC110V 60Hz/AC230V 50HZ
      • Input power: 120VA
      • Oxygen concentration: 28%-90%(Adjustable)
      • Oxygen flow: 1~7L/min(Adjustable)
      • Working sound: ≤42dB(A)
      • Electrical classification: Ⅱ
      • Operating mode: continuous
      • Atomization rate: >=0.2ml/min
    Click here to get the manual for NT-04 
  • Package Includes:

    Oxygen concentrator*1

    Power cord*1

    Atomization kit (mask and connection tube)*1

    Oxygen inhaler kit (nasal cannula & mask inhaler)*1

    Certificate of Conformity(attached to the manual)*1

    Remote control*1

    Instruction manual*1