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VARON 5L Pulse Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator VP-2

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Oxygen flow: 1-5L/min adjustable

Model: VP-2

Oxygen concentration: 93% ± 3%

Noise: ≤58dB(A)


Electrical classification: Class II

Net weight: 4.85lb

Battery: Replaceble:92Wh/6400mAh

Power supply: DC 12~16.8V; AC100~240V; 50/60Hz

Package List

Oxygen Concentrator*1
On-board Power Cord*1
User Manual*1
Filter Pad*2
AC Adapter*1
AC Power Cord*1
Disposable Oxygen Inhaler*2


--Regularly maintain the appearance of the oxygen concentrator and carefully wipe around the vents. To remove dirt, rub the surface lightly.
--Clean the nasal cannula at least once a week. If it is used daily, it is best to change the nasal cannula every two months. If you don't use it frequently, replace it every three to six months.
--The filter of the oxygen generator can remove dust, dirt, and pollen from the air. Cleaning the filter once a month can extend the service life of the unit.

Click HERE to get VP-2 Manual

Portable Series

VP-2 is a Portable healthcare Oxygen Concentrator that can take good care of your and your family's health.  It features an extremely lightweight, compact body, and a replaceable battery. All these make it suitable for portable use. It can also operate in the car with the included car adaptor, meeting your oxygen need anytime and anywhere. 



VP-2 G3 VP-1


$999 $2495 $549
Oxygen concentration 93%±3% 90%±6% 93%±3%
Adjustable Flow 1-5L 1-5L 1-5L
Operation mode

Pulse flow

Dual mode: Sensor detect+Auto pulse

Pulse mode Pulse mode
Noise ≤58db ≤42db ≤58db
Weight 4.85 Pounds 4.9 Pounds 7.05 Pounds
Intelligent control&display ×
Timing function ×
Charging time 3.5-6 hours 4-5 hours 4-8 hours
Battery life 3.5 hours 4.7 hours 3 hours
Extra battery cost $169 $407 ×
External battery charger  Not needed Needed( Buy separately) ×
Stable Oxygen Concentration

Stable Oxygen Concentration

This oxygen machine outputs oxygen at a high and constant concentration of 93±3%. The flow rate is easily adjustable between 1-5L/min, allowing you to regulate the amount of oxygen you receive based on your needs.

Large Removable Battery

Large Removable Battery

The portable oxygen concentrator is powered by a 6400mAh/92Wh long-lasting battery that can run for 3-4 hrs. Effortless removal in just 3 steps: 1) lay the product flat 2) pull the trigger, and 3) slide the battery in the direction of the arrow   

Order extra battery
Dual Oxygen Delivery Modes

Dual Oxygen Delivery Modes

This device has 2 oxygen delivery modes: Pulse Mode delivers oxygen by sensing the user's breathing rhythm or supply oxygen at a fixed frequency. The 2 modes switch automatically according to users’ breathing patterns, suitable for a broad range of people

Clean Oxygen Supply

Clean Oxygen Supply

Our home oxygen concentrator features a high-quality CECA molecular sieve and undergoes a rigorous self-filtration process to purify oxygen before being finally delivered to users, ensuring every breath you take is pure and clean. 2 filter pads are included for easy replacement. 

Portable Design for Outdoor Use

Portable Design for Outdoor Use

The VARON portable oxygen concentrator NT-2 weighs only 4.85lb. It comes with a versatile bag that can be handheld, carried cross-body, or over one or both shoulders, adding more convenience to provide a reliable source of oxygen on the go. Great for the outdoors, plateau use, car use, and more. 

Restful Oxygen Therapy

Restful Oxygen Therapy

An auto shutdown timer on the oxygen concentrator machine allows you to set a time interval between 1-240min. Moreover, it can be conveniently used overnight while plugged in, ideal for anyone requiring oxygen therapy during sleep